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About me

About me

"High handicraft, atelier, custom-made tailoring, couture, bridal, theater, historical costume, and teaching - other than exclusively Made in Italy - are all expressions that enclose what distinguish me the most.

Curiosity, creativity, perseverance complete the picture.”

I'm multifaceted, very curious and I love to find unusual, creative solutions in everything I do.

I started as patternmaker because in my city, Pisa, there were no such institutes as fashion design schools but throughout the years I have become more than that. Mine is much more than the passion of transforming fabric into clothes: is one of my greatest life reasons, together with teaching.

It's hard to say who I am, professionally speaking: I identify myself as an artisan of fashion and costume in all their expressions, who - besides crafting clothes in my own Atelier - teaches with dedication how to make them, in several fashion institutes in Florence and in Pisa.

All of the below are sides of me:

- my training in Haute Couture and Theatrical Costume tailoring allow me to conceive unique, unrepeatable, high-end dresses, made with techniques which nowadays can be found in high fashion only;

- my work in theater allows me to take care of Historical Costume, being able to decide if it's the case to follow a philological approach or rather a more spectacular, inventive one;

- my many-year experience in teaching allows me to give and take the most out of what I pass down and, above all, gives me the opportunity to keep me updated, to learn and to evolve constantly;

- but, above all, is my curiosity which allows me to try my hand at developing even more creative projects, freer from the Haute Couture codes, so I paint t-shirts, make handbags, create with jersey, and devote myself to rigorously custom-made day dresses.

These voices may appear in contrast and contradiction in a time when High Fashion and Ready to Wear seem to be two worlds apart.

This is the reason why I simply identify myself as a curious artisan whom loves to create with perseverance and so much passion.




It was established in 2013 in Pisa, my hometown.

It's not a brand as you would classically think of: it's an imprint that I use to leave on all my creations.

I may change codes, customers, executive techniques, but the philosophy behind each of my creations remains the same: anything I create in the Atelier - my professional abode - is hand made in Italy with accurately selected materials and, above all, it's not serially-made.





Teaching in IED Firenze