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“In Atelier as in a Boutique”.

A sketch, an image research saved on the cell phone, or even a well-fitting garment which is hard to find again or that we would simply love to have in another fabric can be starting points to create a rigorously custom-made dress.

But as we are accustomed to step in a store, try something on and eventually buy it as it is, makes it difficult and almost inconceivable to come in the Atelier and to find only an idea waiting for us.

Sometimes at the first dress fitting (the one that generally is more useful to the tailor in order to eliminate defects, than to the customer) the chosen style results little defined and doesn't correspond to the idea we initially had of it.

It happens.

And it happens because we expect a dress to be already or almost finished, instead it gets a personal and unique project starting from the first fitting.

This is the good of getting a dress made!

Modeling fabric and measurements according to the unique and unreplaceable silhouette of the customer.

In atelier you can even find a very personal selection of ideas - ready dresses for all the occasion which I regularly show in atelier - made to meet the need, to make the approach of/ with the custom-made softer.