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Artisanal courses

Artisanal courses

“I love teaching and I love to pass down”

Given my over-ten-year experience as a teacher in renowned international fashion institutes in Florence and given my strong passion for teaching, which still links me nowadays to the Florentine area, I have taken on the project to offer my professionality in Pisa, my loved hometown.

The offered courses don't have a scholastic approach, instead, they mean to be real artisanal knowledge infusions. They can be taken either as school/ professional program preparation or deep follow-up or simply they can leave in the participants' hands memories of a “faraway” work which gives, with little, the chance to create a lot.

These are the currently offered courses, both in Italian and in English:

- Patternmaking

- Tailoring

- Cutting and Sewing Techniques

- Theatrical Patternmaking Techinques

- Draping

- Fashion Drawing

- Collection

- Fabric handbags

- Creative recycling

- Mother and daughter’s course (dedicated to mothers and daughters who would like to combine an ancient art learning with the desire of doing it together, skillfully leaded by a unique hands-on knowledge)

- Specializing Courses on weekend schedule

Every course will have no more than 6 participants in order to guarantee the best possible assistance throughout the didactic path. The group/ individual lessons can be held in Italian or in English.

For any info about costs and schedules, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.